I am an active developer and maintainer of the following open-source project:

  • Trac: An enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects

I work on several personal projects, in various statges of completion (and, sadly, often without documentation):

  • HgSite: A Mercurial extension that allows serving a web site straight out of a Mercurial repository
  • HgSvnUtils: A Mercurial extension to facilitate working with Mercurial repositories incrementally converted from Subversion
  • Shout: A Trac plugin for broadcasting small bits of information within a project
  • Sydebar: A browser sidebar generator for Python documentation (inactive, but still very useful)
  • SvnReporter: A Subversion commit reporter (dead)
  • sync2cd: An incremental archiving tool to CD/DVD (dead)

I maintain personal overlays for two packaging systems:

  • A Gentoo Portage overlay. Among the more interesting features are stable, checkpoint and live ebuilds for Trac, Genshi and Babel, as well as a patching system that allows automatically applying version-dependent patches when emerging packages.
  • A Macports overlay. Not much there, except maybe packages for older Python versions for testing.