One year of Trac development

Today I'm celebrating my first anniversary of Trac development, and that year has been awesome. I have had the opportunity to work with great minds and very competent users, and in general to benefit from the great community that Trac has built (including making a fool of myself). Yeah, right, so English is not my native tongue. Sue me.

My statistics as of today are not as impressive as I would have liked, but still, I did manage to get one or two things done:

All in all, I am very happy about this past year. And although developer participation is still somewhat low, Trac is alive and well, and progressing nicely. I'd like to thank my fellow developers for their invaluable feedback, and all Trac users who report issues on t.e.o for taking the time to do so and for their patience when I don't understand the issue right away. Without your kind help, this year would never have been that much fun.

For the future, I'm all excited about the upcoming merge of the multirepos branch (hopefully pretty soon!), as this will finally allow me to combine all my Mercurial repositories with my older Subversion repository, all in one great interface. And after that, 0.12 should not be far ahead!