New stable Trac release 0.11.5

Trac 0.11.5 has been released today. This is a maintenance release from the stable branch, featuring many bug fixes but also a few very nice enhancements:

  • svn:mergeinfo and svnmerge-integrated / svnmerge-blocked properties are now interpreted and rendered as links to the revision log. This makes Trac a very nice graphical frontend for svn mergeinfo, that is, for displaying merged and eligible changesets on a branch.
  • User feedback has been improved by allowing notices and warnings to be displayed after POST operations, typically after submitting a form. This allows, for example, displaying the message "Your preferences have been saved." in the user preferences, instead of simply going back to the same page.
  • Links to attachments now have a small icon next to them that allows downloading the file directly, without going through the attachment page.
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL databases can now be backed up during upgrades, so the --no-backup option for trac-admin $ENV upgrade is not needed anymore.

Once again, the release process has worked very well, allowing to fix a few last-minute issues while the two release candidates were available for testing.