New stable Trac release 0.11.4

A new stable release of Trac has been released today as 0.11.4. It features fixes for a few regressions that slipped into 0.11.3, most notably for the PostgreSQL database backend and for Python 2.3, and a Python 2.6 compatibility fix.

The release candidates were a real improvement, as they allowed us to catch a regression that, quite ironically, made the "New Ticket" link on non-functional. Also, having the release candidates out there for a few days gave us more confidence that we wouldn't have an issue pop up a few hours after the release (I'm crossing fingers that this doesn't happen anyway :-). A big thank you to those who tested the release candidates.

If you would like to help improve our releases by testing future release candidates, don't hesitate to register here, especially if you have a somewhat exotic configuration. You will be notified as soon as a new release candidate is available.